The Terminator is versatile for weed control based on glyphosate, in potatoes, meadow-land, grass seed, public parks and gardens, and for selection work in flower bulbs.

The Terminator in agriculture is mostly used for controlling potato weed. By the agricultural ‘type’ a long lance is used. This lance will be supported by a lightweight aluminium triangle which hold up your arm.

Bulb flowers
The lance of the Terminator in bulb flowers is shorter than in agriculture, due to higher crops. It is possible to fix the storage bottle at the pistol or take it with you in your pocket. The pistol works in such a way that both small and large quantity will be disposed.

Name: Terminator
Made in: The Netherlands
Available types: Agriculture & Bulb flowers
Price: -


  • The system is versatile
  • Durable pump hose